Requests submitted to ACCENTUS are reviewed on an ongoing basis. The umbrella foundation fosters tax-exempt charitable institutions domiciled in Switzerland only. The grants committees generally meet one to three times a year. The Board of Trustees decides on project requests twice a year (spring and fall).


In order to review a request for support, ACCENTUS requires complete documentation. This consists of:

  1. Project description: applicant form
  2. Detailed budget (investment, operating costs, payroll costs, etc.) with financing plan
  3. Logical framework matrix/logframe (for projects outside of Switzerland with a duration of more than three months and a total cost of over CHF 25,000): template
  4. Schedule
  5. Map with location where the project is to be carried out (for projects outside of Switzerland)
  6. Other attachments (e.g. photos, maps, floor plans)

If not published on the applicant's website:

  1. Applicant's articles of association
  2. Proof of tax exemption
  3. Financial report/financial statements for previous year
  4. Certified audit report for previous year

The project description should not exceed ten A4 pages. If Excel spreadsheets are submitted, these must be formatted in such a way that they can be printed legibly in A4 format.

Please submit your support request and any attachments in electronic format to


The final report on the supported project essentially consists of two parts:

A narrative report of max. ten pages (comparison of aims and results, explanation of any deviations, challenges, unforeseen events/circumstances, photos, etc.)

A financial report (use of funds, comparison of budget/actual costs, explanation of any significant deviations of +/-10%, financing overview)

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